"RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" is a modern and prosperous company for international trade, research&development, manufacture and distribution of luxury goods, with particular strengths in the cigarette and tobacco sector.

Led by an experienced management team, "RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" is a rapidly growing global brand of luxury lifestyle, providing high quality, wide range of products and affordable prices.

The knowledge of the tradition, relating to the innovation and the sense of elegant functionality is the key to the success of "RICH COMPANY BULGARIA” products.

The mission of the "RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" is to provide the finest qualities of “Art de vivre" - /"Art of Living"/ and to be synonymous with elegance and creativity. The products and the cultural values, they embody, are a combination of tradition and innovation and conjure up the fantasy and the dreams of the modern man.

"RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" operates with modern equipment and applies the most advanced manufacturing technology and precise quality control as well as an active compliance with the commitments to environmental protection.

"RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" offers a wide range of high quality brands, consistent with the latest requirements and trends of the global cigarette market, cigars with unique taste and excellent quality.

"RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" is the exclusive representative of world famous companies, manufacturers of high quality and luxury lines for natural beauty products, body care and perfumes.

"RICH COMPANY BULGARIA" ranks among the major distribution companies in the trade of wine & hard drinks, high quality coffee products.