"SAVIO Cosmetics" is a company, combining physical, financial, informational, intellectual and other resources to achieve an optimal level of professionalism and specialization in the field of research, development, manufacture and distribution of beauty products with features: high quality, excellent design, materials and manufacture of natural products, an aesthetics combines stylish elegance and luxury.

The success of the company is due to both - its highly qualified team lead by managers with years of experience and funds for research and development of new products, market analysis.

"SAVIO Cosmetics" has an unwavering commitment to being a good partner focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships with governments, other companies, customers and communities.

"SAVIO Cosmetics" is a brand born under the sign of nature and technology, provides a direct connection between the customer and the manufacturer through close cooperation with widely developed distribution network. It includes retailers, boutiques, SPAs, hotels, motels, beauty centers, pharmacies and others. This company, based in Bulgaria, is well-positioned to provide to its clients the professional services and resources they need on the Balkan and Europian markets.

"SAVIO Cosmetics" is the exclusive representative of world famous companies, manufacturers of high quality and luxury lines for natural beauty products and body care.

Every product under the brands of "SAVIO Cosmetics" is a symbol of high standard of quality and safety. Priority of "SAVIO Cosmetics" is to satisfy the high demands of the market, supported by a wide product range and use of the latest technologies and trends in cosmetics industry.

All products that "SAVIO Cosmetics" offers comply with international environmental standards and are oriented to maximize the safety of the environment. The ingredients of these products are well documented and protected by the relevant international and national certifications.